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SprintDB Pro 2.5a 2.5

SprintDB Pro 2.5a 2.5

SprintDB Pro 2.5a Publisher's Description

"Brute Database Power for your Pocket PC!"

SprintDB Pro is the next evolutionary step in the quest for a truly versatile and powerful pocket database application.

To download user manual and get details on the all of the features of SprintDB Pro, click here.

SprintDB Pro is Available in the Following Editions Product Standard SprintDB Pro Features Printing Support Platform Price SprintDB Pro Yes No Pocket PC $24.89 SprintDB Pro + Printing Yes Yes Pocket PC $34.89 SprintDB Pro 
Desktop Companion
Yes No Desktop PC $24.89

What's New in Version 2.5

SprintDB Pro is now fully compatible with VGA/Landscape on Windows Mobile 2003 SE.

  • New macro/script action CopyFile/SetNavButtons.
  • New macro/script function DateFormat/Nz.
  • Supports date-time formatting for edit controls and list controls.
  • Fixed bugs in ver 2.2.
  • And more...

We have sent the customer upgrade email for this new version. If you've not received the upgrade email by now, then please let us know.
In that case, if you could let us know any alternative email address, it would be much appreciated.

For more information about the new version and upgrade, please visit here.

Advanced Features

  • Even Faster Database access -- one of the fastest Pocket Access (.cdb)-based products on the market! 
  • Supports SubForm to allow you to access multiple tables on the same form. You can now create exactly the right one-to-many application for your needs. 
  • A powerful event-driven macro/script engine - supports many macro actions, including: If..Else..ElseIf, DoWhile, etc. 
  • Supports variables (local and global variables) in a macro.
  • Supports just about every database function you could possibly use.
  • Supports advanced sorting/filtering/FindSearch.
  • Supports importing/exporting CSV files.
  • Picture box support 64k colors (.bmp & .jpg). 
  • Scribble control - capture signatures and make drawings on the move! 
  • Supports code Modules. Modules are available to all the forms in a database.
  • Database Encryption. Supports Encrypt/Decrypt Database in SprintDB Pro 2.0 for the Pocket PC.
  • Supports in-cell editing in the List control.
  • New Tree Control.
  • Supports macro actions and functions that work with the Pocket Outlook Contact Database.
  • And much more!

Don't take our word for it - try it for yourself!

For more information about SprintDB, please visit


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